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American Recycler

Bockstaller speaks about developments in plastics recycling

MSE’s Michael Bockstaller spoke about technological innovations to improve the recyclability of plastic polymers.

Canary Media

Pistorius weighs in on a new, green method of producing steel

MSE’s Chris Pistorius spoke about a new method of making clean iron from steel that is currently in development.

Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation

Three MSE faculty win Scott Institute grants

Three MSE faculty—Paul Salvador, Mohammad Islam, and Mohadeseh Taheri-Mousavi—were awarded funding by the Scott Institute for Energy Innovation to support cutting-edge research in sustainable energy solutions.

MIT Technology Review

Kurchin discusses research retractions and blame

MSE’s Rachel Kurchin spoke with the MIT Technology Review concerning a number of retractions made by physics journals. Kurchin commented on the question of who should be blamed for the problematic articles that are published.