The Master of Science in Materials Science degree combines both graduate level coursework and an individual research project to provide an advanced foundational education to professionals interested in advancing their knowledge in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). Students in the program will gain a fundamental understanding of materials structure, properties, and the processing of materials and their applications in various areas of engineering.

Students will normally complete the degree in three to four full-time academic semesters. Students interested in completing the program outside of the standard time frame should discuss this carefully with the materials science program director prior to enrollment.


Course requirements

  • 24 units of MSE core courses
  • 24 units of MSE graduate elective courses (27-7**)
  • 24 units of approved MSE-related courses
  • 72 units of graduate research

Research units (TOTAL 72) and other requirements

  • Students are required to carry out MSE-related graduate research; they must take (at least) 72 additional units of 27-756 masters project.

Master’s final report

  • A master’s final report on MSE-related research must be written and approved.

Graduate seminar