Tomasz Kowalewski's research focuses on physical chemistry, atomic force microscopy, proximal probe techniques, organic electronics, nano-structured materials, nanographene, self-assembly of organic materials, characterization of nanostructures, and device fabrication and characterization

The common theme of Kowalewski group research is the self-organization of macromolecules, with the emphasis on the role that it can play in new nanostructured materials. Their work is highly interdisciplinary, and spans the range from molecular design, synthesis, through structure-properties studies to fabrication and characterization of devices. Major long-term projects currently underway in the group include: novel nanostructured carbons ("porous nanographenes") derived from block copolymer precursors; structure-transport properties relationships in semiconducting polymers and organic photovoltaics, and nanostructured polymer networks. The group is also actively involved in the application and development of proximal probe techniques, especially atomic force microscopy (AFM), to structure-property studies of materials and to manipulation of matter at the nanoscale level.

525 Mellon Institute


1988 Ph.D., Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland